April 18, 2016

What You Need To Know About Porn Stars

When it comes to pornography and the sex industry, those outside this group don’t know much about it. Nevertheless, having knowledge of the industry will eliminate biases and shape perspectives, as having knowledge about every subject usually does. Below are some random things you may or may not know about the porn industry and porn stars.

Feminism is a shared belief and practice amongst most women in the business –

There are many feminists in the industry regardless of whether they feel empowered by the job, or the fact that they feel liberated sexually. Many women enjoy sex tremendously, and are tremendously happy with the fact that they can make a living from performing it in front of a camera. There’s even the occasional straight role offered, such as Sasha Gray who won a role in the hit series Entourage.

Porn stars and their love of animals –

It could be due to glaring discrimination in the society and people who feel confused about their sexual orientation. As a result, porn artists find best friends in animals. They are the largest animal rights activists.

Their shelf-life is measured in dog years –

For a porn star, four years is like twenty something that makes it extremely challenging to for one to remain relevant in the industry. There is so much effort, time and energy that go into branching out, social media and marketing.

There is an average turn-around time of three months –

Except for the veterans who can endure a few more fucks, most people get in, then leave almost immediately. There is intensely emotional, psychological and physical stress involved. Many get shut out of the industry soon after shooting for all the big companies.

Earnings for Female and Male Porn Stars

It’s the one industry where female porn stars earn more than their male counterparts. A porn actor can earn as much as $ 1500 dollars and as little as $ 150 dollars per scene. Gay scenes are paid higher than straight ones with artists earning $ 500 dollars and above. Depending on the nature of the scenes, level or experience and filming company, an actress can earn between $400-$2000 dollars per shoot. Top female actresses get around $ 800 dollars for gay scenes and $ 1000 dollars for straight scenes. More compromising scenes earn over $ 5000 dollars, and agents take 10-15 % of the total pay.

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