Escorts In London Stripping Dreams

Before I joined escorts in London, I used to be a striptease dancer. I really do have a passion for dancing and stripping, and I get really turned on when I do. It is not really a natural gift, and I did go to a striptease school here in London to learn my trade. Anyway, my dream is to own my own striptease club here in London and I am saving up my earnings from escorts in London to hopefully be able to buy one.

Many of the striptease clubs around London are not very well run. A lot of the owners do not look after the girls very well, and I would certainly make sure that I looked after the girls. The truth is that many owners are just keen to make a quick buck out of the girls. That is one of the reasons that I left and joined escorts in London. I feel so much less exploited working for escorts in London than I did stripping in Soho. My boss was not very nice and he had all sorts of crazy ideas.

One day, I got so angry with my boss that I almost walked out. However, I am glad that I hung on. A couple of days later I met my boss at escorts in London when he attended a bachelor party at the strip club that I was working at. We got chatting, had a couple of drinks together, and he asked me if I would be interested in joining a London escorts service. It was really great and I know that I was lucky.

I have not actually told my boss at London escorts that I would like to own my own striptease club. He would probably understand as he knows that I love dancing but I am not so sure that he would be too pleased. In a way I feel that I am just using my job here at London escorts to achieve my personal goals. But then, I have this feeling that all people in all jobs just use their jobs to achieve their personal goals. Working for London escorts is probably not so different from doing any other job when I come to think about it.

Do I enjoy working for London escorts? I really do like working for London escorts and I get to meet some nice gents. Some of the gents that come around to see me I recognize from working at the strip club. They know me as well and sometimes when they are really good boys, I treat them to a little dance. There is nothing wrong with that and they seem to enjoy it. It is great way to keep them happy and it is my unique way of keeping them happy and entertaining my gents here at London escorts. All of the girls have their own personal touches and I have mine. It makes working here a lot more fun and a bit more exciting. My dates seem to really appreciate my special personal touch.

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