London Strippers hate us!

At first I could not figure out why strippers hated London escorts so much. It wasn’t until I got a part time job at a strip club to pay for my new car, that I started to appreciate why strippers hate London escorts so much. It seemed weird but many strippers feel that we take business away from them. Strippers in London always used to go to a lot of bachelor parties and stag do’s but now London escorts seem to have taken over where strippers left off if you like.

The thing that a lot of strippers don’t seem to appreciate that gents like to date on a different level. In many ways gents don’t want one girl at the party, they would like to make sure that there is more than one girl present and that is why so many girls from escorts in London are invited to parties. Personally I think that stripping is okay, but most strippers are not really chatty. The gents seem to appreciate having somebody to talk to at the same time, and that is what makes dating London escorts part of the solution.

Most strippers also let you book them just for one hour. The gents that I have dated recently at escorts in London do appreciate their longer dates. When you go to things like bachelor parties, most gents would like you to stay at least a couple of hours. Escorts in London are happy to do that but most strippers are not. I think that if strippers were happy to stay for a bit longer, I think that most gents would be happy for them to come to parties.

Are strippers less sociable? Many of the strippers that I have met are not really sociable. They like the spotlight to be on them all of the time and that is also part of the problem. The girls at London escorts focus on their gents and how to make them feel comfortable. That is perhaps the main reason why so many gents like to invite London escorts to parties. They feel that they get a little bit of personal attention.

Working in Soho has taught me a lot about the mentality of strippers. They are all really nice girls but most of them are selfish. If they were a bit less focused on themselves, they would probably find that more gents would be interested in asking them to come to their parties. It is all about looking after gents, and I can now finally understand why so many top London escorts used to be hostesses at clubs in London. They simply know how to look after their gents, and I think that is more appreciated than anything when it comes to dating. If you don’t look after a gent’s needs, he is not going to want to see you again. I am sure that most London escorts appreciate that, but I don’t think the girls who work as strippers appreciate it in the same way at all.

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