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When I first joined Paddington escorts, I was surprised how many mature escorts the agency had. I had never come across that before in an escorts service in London, but it seemed to work for this one. To be honest, I felt like a really young sex kitten and I did think that I was going to rule the roost. However, things turned out a bit different and I learned a lot from the mature escorts who worked for and in Paddington escort services.

the sex kittens of paddington escorts

One of the things that I learned from the mature escorts at Paddington escorts services, was that listening is important. Most of the gents who used the agency were a bit older and they seemed to like to have a good chat. My idea of chatting was of course me talking. At first, I got away with it, but then some of the other girls told me to listen instead. During a business function, I did not that the more mature girls seemed to be listening.

Another thing that I learned from my new friends at Paddington escorts was all about dress code. I must admit that all of the girls dressed really nicely. Looking at myself, I realized that I did not have a clue what to do, so I asked one of the girls to take me shopping. After a long day, I came home with a new wardrobe and started to dress differently. Soon I was picking up dates left, right and center. It seemed that the gents enjoyed my new look.

The last two things that I changed about myself was my long colored hair and nails. One day, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw this rather sophisticated lady looking back at me. I gave her a smile, put my posh shoes on and went out to meet a new gent. At the time, I did not know that he was the multi millionaire that I was going to marry a year later. Our first evening together went great, and by the end of that month, we both realized we were hopelessly in love. Things moved on quickly from there, and today I am married to the funniest and nicest man that I have ever met.

I am glad that I came across Paddington escorts, and allowed my friends at Paddington escorts to change my outlook on life. Today, I feel like a young sophisticated woman, and I think that I know how Pretty Woman would have felt. I don’t wear a hat, but I do like the odd Dior jacket. It can’t be held, as you meet other people, your taste changes. That is certainly true in my case and as I like for my posh Italian shoes, I think that I have found me in this life. Have I been lucky? Looking at my husband and our lovely home, I know that I have been lucky. But, if he buys me another sports car I think that I might scream. I know he loves them, but I have to say that I hate driving around Cannes in the summertime.

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