July 2017

When you are an escort, it is really important to find the right escort agency to work for. I had worked in London as an escort for about five years, when I decided to move on. Working in London is great, and you have access to some fantastic facilities, but at the same time, it it chaotic. I bought my own flat after a couple of years service, and decided to move out of London, letting the rent on the flat pay for my accommodation in the little village I found in Berkshire. After a while, I became a little bit bored and started to look around for https://charlotteaction.org/berkshire-escorts Berkshire escorts service to work for.

Getting around Berkshire is really easy. The only place which is a little bit manic, is Reading. There a couple of escort agencies in Reading which are part of the Berkshire escorts network, but I decided that none of them were for me. It can be hard to hook up with the right escort agency, and before I decided which escort agency I wanted to work for, I took a look at several escort agencies in Berkshire. They all have a different set of gents using them, and I wanted to get the right fit.

One of the first agencies that I checked was based in Ascot. Out of all of the Berkshire escorts agencies, this was perhaps the “poshest” agencies. One thing that I noticed straight away that the girls were not so busy. It seemed that dating in Ascot was kind of limited to one to one dating, and the girls seemed to do a lot of dinner dating. I soon realised I may struggle if I hooked up with the Ascot agency. Too many gents in the local area still seemed to date in London, and I did not think that it would be substainable.

I also checked out an escort agency that was based in Hungerford. This is very much a small town in the Berkshire. It is a very pretty place to live in, and new housing developments is making the place very buys. Sure, there was a need for escorts, but I am not sure that it was for me at all. The girls who worked in this part of Berkshire, dated a lot of “rural” gents. I did not think that I would have a lot in common with the local gents so I declined to join this Berkshire escorts service.

After that I checked out the Berkshire escorts service in Newbury. I live pretty close to Newbury, so I thought that might be better for me. The gents that you date are often local gents, but they work in London and travel home. Yes, they did seem to like dating escorts when they got home, so that was a big plus. Also, there are a lot of larger companies in this part of Berkshire. There was a need for business function dating in Newbury. I have plenty experience of business dating, so in the end, I decided to settle for dating in Newbury. So, if you are in Newbury and need an outcall escort, please do not hesitate to give us a call.…