September 2018

I have been a couple of times but I much prefer Madrid. When I have some money to spare, I make sure that I can grab a couple of days off from adult Walthamstow escorts and go to Madrid. It is such a nice place to walk around and I love it there. All I need now is a nice Spanish boyfriend who would like me to come to live in Madrid.
I find being in Madrid really relaxing. One of my friends who works for a group of male Walthamstow escorts also likes Madrid. We often rent this two bedroom apartment in the center off Madrid and off we go. Last year in July, we decided to experience the summer in Madrid. Once again we rented the same apartment and jumped on the plane. It was really hot when we arrived but there was a fantastic buzz to Madrid. Loads of nice concerts and free things to do. It was just a really nice place to hang out.
When we go to Madrid, we eat out all of the time. There is no way that you can afford to eat out every day in places such as Walthamstow and Amsterdam, but you can in Madrid. My friend and I always go for a 3 course Many del Diaz and pay about £8 for three courses and half a bottle of wine per person. I do earn good money at Walthamstow escorts but I would not be able to afford eating like that in Walthamstow. It would just cost a small fortune to eat like that in Walthamstow.
Another thing which I really like to do is to go out for breakfast. In Walthamstow I always seem to worry so much about my figure but in Madrid I eat what I want to. You can have whatever you like for breakfast. We often end up having ham and cheese and wine. The funny thing is that you would think that you would put on weight, but I don’t. Could it be that the Spanish are right about the health benefits of red wine?
When I go back to Walthamstow and start working for Walthamstow escorts again, I often feel a bit depressed. Yes, I do like my job at Walthamstow escorts of, but I miss Madrid like mad. It is not that expensive to buy a place in Madrid and I have been toying with the idea. Some parts are really lovely. One of the best times to visit Madrid is during the spring. The city really turns pretty and I can walk around for hours. The churches are beautiful. But if that is not your cup of tea, you should check out the shops. There are some really unique boutiques tucked away down the back streets and I have taken to buying most of my clothes in Madrid. It is so nice to be able stand out from the crowd when I get back to Walthamstow.…

When I married my husband the girls back at the escorts in Fulham agency I worked for were shocked. They could not believe I had married him but like I said the girls who stayed on at the escorts in Fulham agency – opposites do attract and I felt very attracted to my husband. Now, I see the beauty of the system of opposites attract. My husband is simply my rock and without him I could not manage my life. I love this guy like mad and every day I fall more in love with him. It is a really great feeling to have.
Are you in love with your partner and is he your polar opposite? I often say to the girls back at Angels of delight, escorts in Fulham agency, that I think it is such a good way of living. You sort of balance each other out and that is what is needed in family life. Sometimes I say to escorts in Fulham, I go overboard about something and he may do the same thing about something else. But at the end of the day, we balance each other out and this is both a good and positive thing in many relationships.
Would I have married him when I was younger? I don’t think so. His lifestyle and way of being would have been too alien to me, but now I am glad that he is all mine. Most the girls I used to work with at the Fulham escorts agency, can see that we are good together and we are happy with each other. I know Fulham escorts from who have married their partners who were very similar to them, and they marriages have failed. I often think that they were too similar and nobody brought anything to the relationship which I think is important to be able to do.
Not all Fulham escorts have problems in their married lives, Escorts in Fulham are often very happy in their lives and have good working relationships. That is really want you need when you intend to spend a life time together. A marriage is a huge commitment. You may end up having kids and that is a big thing it itself. No parents want to get divorced, it is often a disaster for the children and they often have problems later in life. I would not want a divorce and will do my utmost to hang on to my husband.
Polar opposites attract – I am the North Pole and he is the South Pole. Well, he simply has to do be as he likes penguins. As far as I know there are no penguins on the North Pole but there are Beluga wales and I like those. So in our lives I am his white whale and he is my penguin in one of his many suits. We need his skill when it comes to flipping things around at times but I always catch the fish. After the winter I emerge from the ice shelf ready to go again and he pops up right next to me.…