There is a lot more to sexual tension that first meets the eye

One of the biggest health problems in the UK today, is stress. Recently I have started to wonder if sexual tension is a form of stress. I have noticed that many people who suffer from sexual tension do have the symptoms as people who suffer from stress. As I have found out during my West Midland escorts of career, the symptoms of sexual tension are not that different when you compare them to the symptoms of stress.

Many who suffer from stress also suffer from problems with aggression or feeling angry. The funny thing about sexual tension is that it produces the same feelings. It can make us feel angry and at times even really aggressive. It turns out that it is all down to a stress hormone called cortisol which comes into play in both conditions. Having sex may help you, but it may not always deal with sexual tension in the best way. That is one of the things I have learned at West Midland escorts.

When I first started with West Midland escorts, I thought that it was entirely linked to not having enough sex. I could not have been more wrong. Sexual tension is often a situation which can arise at work. For instance, if you are working somewhere and really fancy one of your colleagues, but he or she is off limits to you, sexual tension can be a real problem. You know no matter what you do that you are not going to be able to have the person, or get closed to them. After you have faced the problem for a while, it may even become overwhelming.

What should you do when you suffer from sexual tension, and you stand there in the lift knowing you will get turned on when the object of your desires walk in? Should you try to ignore or just give West Midland escorts a call. The girls here at West Midland escorts services would love to help you out, and perhaps we can make you feel better. If you like, you can always have that special relationship with one of the girls here. We are pretty good at role play, and if you tell us what the problem is, maybe we can help you.

Also, you can try to change your attitude and find a new object to focus on your desires on. Sure, I would love to be the object of your desires, and if you like sexy blondes with long legs, you are more than welcome to check me out here at West Midland escorts. To meet me is very easy, and you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing moments in the life. But, I tell you what, I don’t have a problem with that lift. If you like, we can meet wherever you like to fulfill your fantasies. Just tell me what you need, and I will make sure your dreams come true for you.

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