Today’s sex-positive superhero: Indian-Canadian porn-star-turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. A documentary about her life is about to drop on Netflix, so now is the time to revisit the star-powered sex-positive goddess that is Sunny. Never heard of her?

For instance, new interactive toys can be controlled from afar and, when combined with virtual reality programs, allow users the experience of having digitized “sex” with a porn star or other sex worker, said sex therapist Ari Tuckman. Although still in …

delights of London

I love what I call my excitable delights of London. The escorts agencies in London, London really do have some of the most amazing girls. I have dated a lot […]

… Machado Porn Star” turns up several videos from free porn web sites, these videos don’t actually star Alicia Machado: It should come as no surprise that celebrity nude photographs and sex videos drive major traffic on the Internet. But when legitimate …

I was actually surprised to hear what this famous ex-porn star had to say about virtual reality sex and where VR is headed in the industry. The article and accompanying images are all safe for work / school. “VR porn is too much, too in your face.

Asa Akira is releasing a memoir called “Dirty Thirty.” She read a few select haikus from her book for us, and we’ll never look at poetry the same way again.